Our Paper!

We have worked very hard to bring you the best paper we possibly can and which is perfect for journaling (in our opinion!!)

At 170gsm our paper is premium quality and is lovely and smooth to work on.  Manufactured in a sustainable way, it derives from Europe and is FSC certified, acid free and elemental chlorine free guaranteed.    It is also completely biodegradeable and recyclable (should the need ever arise!)

Being a bullet journalist myself, it has been rigorously tested with a range of different mediums- from watercolour paint, fineliners, pencil crayon and acrylic to name a few!  It performs amazingly well across all and the paper weight means that there is no bleed through or ghosting.  So you can let your creativity run wild!

Importantly, the paper is also BRIGHT WHITE.  This was so important as it means your colours will really pop out and look how they are supposed to.  

And aside from the first page in each journal - which is preprinted with our logo and gives your space to write your name - each page is printed with a 5mm light grey dot grid so you can plan exactly how you want to.  We believe this gives the ultimate freedom.  Great care went into the colour and size of the dots so they are the optimum size for journaling....and so whilst they are dark enough to see to work with they don't overshadow your work!  They also photograph beautifully if that it something you require for social media purposes.

Our pre-printed page:


Some close ups:



Examples of our journals being used can be seen on our Instagram page (@_mindfulgiraffe). 

Some ideas can be seen below: