About Us

My name is Laura and I am the creator of Mindful Giraffe. 
After accidentally stumbling across bullet journaling a few years ago it transformed my life.  Being quite an anxious person with two children under 2 years old, it suddenly gave me a single place to organise everything I needed to remember whilst also reigniting my creative streak - something I hadn't thought about for years!
So I initially chose a standard journal with little thought for its features or design. And whilst at first it did the job, I realised pretty quickly that I needed something of a higher and more specialised quality to cope with the mediums I was using.  But every time I started looking around for a new journal I kept returning to the same problem; none of those currently available had everything I was looking for. Either the paper quality wasn't there, the cover designs didn't appeal or the colour of the paper affected my designs. The other leading journals on the market (whilst all beautiful in their own way) were also difficult to get hold of in the UK, often meaning I had to import them from America or Asia meaning delays in shipping and high postage costs.
And so after many conversations, one evening Mindful Giraffe was born.
With 170gsm bright white dotted grid paper our journals give you the confidence to explore a variety of mediums without risking any bleed through or ghosting.  They handle watercolour, gouache and acrylic paint beautifully well and the paper is lovely and silky smooth.  The sewn-binding also means they lie flat when open and they have two ribbons to help mark important pages. Our journals are also stylishly designed with a hard wearing cover and spine, so they will last for years to come (whilst also looking beautiful on your bookshelf!).
They are also completely manufactured in the UK and the paper is FSC, BSI and ISO accredited. 
I am passionate about journaling and the change it brought to my life; I just hope you like our journals as much as we do and that they can help you in the same way!