Introducing Team MG- our new rewards programme!

Hiya all, 

Hope you're all well?  We are currently developing lots of things in the background here for MG and we hope to be able to share these with you soon.  In the meantime though we want to announce something we have been considering for a while....

We have decided to start the Team MG rewards programme- developed to say thankyou and to enable us to give you something back for supporting us on this journey!

I know you probably think we are just saying this but we really do appreciate every order and wherever we are in the house together you'll often still hear 'we've had an order!" shouted from room to room. It sounds really corny (so apologies in advance if you're cringing....) but honestly, what started out as what felt like just a crazy idea has blossomed into something we didn't expect and all you lovely people mean that we can carry on producing more journals, new designs and expanding our range....and it is RIDICULOUSLY EXCITING!!! So thankYOU!

And so the details.....

When you visit you will now be greeted with a rewards pop up box in the bottom right hand that and you need to start by joining as a member of Team MG.  If however you already have an account with us you should be registered already and so use your existing log in details, but any problems of course just let us know.  By the way, any existing accounts users will also already have 200 points automatically applied to their accounts from the start too as I didn't think it fair otherwise!

Once your account has been created (for which you will receive 200 points automatically!) you will then be eligible to receive points by doing things or taking certain steps.  These include things like following our various social media accounts, making a purchase or even just celebrating your birthday (but you do need to enter the relevant date at least 30 days beforehand to be eligible for this one to be fair).

For each purchase you will receive 4 points per £1 spend against any of our products i.e so buying a £22.50 A5 journal will give you 90 points.  

Once you reach a minimum of 400 points you can then choose to either spend them or let them build up until when you are ready.  Each 100 points will be equal to £1 of discount across our site.  So if you decided to spend your points at the 400 point minimum then you would get a code for £4 off.

When you do choose to spend your points it is pretty self explanatory as there will be a spend option taking you then to a drop down box;  you will then be able to choose how many points you wish to redeem.  Once chosen it's just a case of agreeing for the code to be applied at checkout and you are good to go!

We are really hoping that lots of you would like to join us and I am excited to see how many of you do.   Please feel free to share this blog with your friends and family too as the more the merrier & we would be really grateful!

Have a fab day all anyway and as ever, any comments or questions just drop me a line either on Facebook/Instagram or by email at

Thanks for reading!





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  • Love this I’m just coming to the end of my first mg journal and I love it so will definitely be ordering a new one very soon

    Miss C M Fleming

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