How's your week(ly) going??!

Hi all, 

Are you having a good week?  I hope so!  Things seem to be looking a bit more hopeful dare I say it Covid-wise in the UK and I really hope things are heading the same way wherever in the world you are too.  

I really am going to try and do these posts more regularly has just been a bit crazy recently but I am doing my best!  On that note then, if anyone has any ideas for any topics you would like me to cover journaling or planning wise please either drop me a note in the comments at the end of this post or email me anytime at and I will see what I can do:) You can also just message me on Instagram etc at any time (@_mindfulgiraffe), always available to chat!

So I thought I would speak a little bit in this post about weekly spreads.  From my own experience over the last few years it seems people either fall into the daily spread or weekly camp....but as I have touched upon previously, daily spreads just don't work for me (see previous blog for more details)...whereas I genuinely can't live without my weeklies!!   They remind me of everything I need to do and allow me to compare to the previous week to easily see when I need to do things i.e. change our bed or clean the bathroom (wishful thinking....hmmmm!!).  When I am finished my next week's spread I also always start by looking at my current monthly spread and pop everything down onto it from there, and then back at my previous weekly to see what needs to be carried over etc.

In terms of layouts, you can literally do anything you like and whichever works for you best.  There are usually two or three layouts I usually use, and depending on whether my design for the week will spread across a single or double page spread.  These are some of my usual ones:


*Above artwork was inspired by a print by @marie.amelie.giamarchi as well as the work of @annatromop on Instagram.

As I tend to only plan a week in advance (or the day before like today!!!), I will usually have a good idea what the week will be like and how I'm feeling...I can then tailor the amount of space I want to use as to what I will likely need.  Some weeks for example if I need to feel more positive, I may pop in a gratitude section (if I haven't got an overall one for the month) or I may leave some empty space for 'moments of the week' i.e. where I can choose photographs from the happiest times of the week that I want to remember when I'm looking back.  If you are a student you could pop in extra study or essay planning sections etc - whatever you like!!  Or if a chef, recipes you have come across etc that week- you get the idea!

I also use a lot of dutch doors- I am  an ex lawyer and ex teacher so what can I say, I like to write a lot down and rely on lists, ALOT!!! Dutch doors therefore give me more space to fit things into my weekly, whether it be a gratitude section, a shopping list or just some extra space to add in the days.   If you don't know what a dutch door is, it's basically where you cut a part of a page out and then incorporate the remaining part of the page into your spread to give you more space (i.e. a double page spread can have an extra 'flap' so to speak in the middle- like a mezzanine in a way in a building!!!).  A few examples are below:



Dutch doors also allow me to be more creative as I can have more space whilst also spreading my design across a double spread (two full pages) so this is something to think about if you are like me and ;like to draw/paint in your journal.

In terms of detail for the spreads, I usually have a small calendar in the corner- usually the top - but obviously this is personal preference.  I tend to highlight the week in question (top tip: highlight the part you want and then write the numbers on top to prevent smudging!) as it allows me to see easily which week I am looking at.  Like this:


*Above artwork inspired by Colourful Boston Terriers poster designed by penny's Pretty Things on @zazzle.

I also usually leave space (whether in boxes or just space with the day of the week above) for the full 7 days as I always write alot (see previous point!!), but I know some people just put 'weekend' to cover both days as there may not be as many tasks to do and it allows more space for Monday to Friday.

Moving then to the days themselves, I have a fab stencil for which I choose either small squares or circles for the tasks for each day.  Any stencil with small circles etc will do or just do them freehand if you are comfortable. I then list the tasks daily and strike them through etc when done (or an arrow after to mean the task has migrated onto the next day).  And that reminds me too that i usually also have a to do list- although it depends on the week and how much is going on!  I have to say I find it useful when it is particularly busy- especially for noting down extra birthday reminders!  

And I think then that that is pretty much it.  Obviously it's up to you how creative or minimal you wish to be.... I go through different moods but I do try to stick within my overall theme for the month, and sometimes use the same lettering for each weekly in that period or layout etc to give consistency.  It just depends though as sometimes I just go completely off tangent!  One of the joys of journaling like I've said before though- it is yours so there are no rules!!

I hope this helps anyway and just drop me a line with any questions or comments either on any of our social media or at our email above.

Take care and enjoy your week, 

Laura xx













  • fab blog post Laura really informative thanks chic, your artwork is fab 😍❤️

    Sarah Jane Knipe
  • fab blog post Laura really informative thanks chic, your artwork is fab 😍❤️

    Sarah Jane Knipe

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