What is a bullet journal?

  • Not your average journaler ..???

    Can bullet journaling really be for everyone? Meet Paul, the other half of Team MG - your 'not so average' journaler!!!  

    Find out how his journal has evolved in a world of deadlifts and workouts, and how he uses journaling for self improvement and an overall happier, more organised life. 

  • Time to Journal?

    Maybe you have started journaling but run out of steam already? Started in January with great intentions but now too tired to do this every night and no motivation? If this applies to you then maybe give this a read as it's likely the type and style you need to rethink...rather than the act of journaling itself. Give this a read at least...what have you got to lose??
  • What to include in your bullet journal?

    Read our latest blog to find out what types of things you can put in a bullet journal, why you may do so and some example spreads! After reading we would love to hear your thoughts so either comment or drop us an email at info@mindfulgiraffe.co.uk  🦒