Mistakes....To embrace or not, that is the question?!

Hi all, 

I hope you all managed to have a lovely new year despite this weird situation we are still living in.  I have got to admit that I (perhaps naively) thought that this would be well and truly over by now and yet here we still are.  Not even going to go into the worsening rates as it just makes me feel even more unsettled and sad...but I really do hope that you managed to enjoy Christmas and new year even if it was different to usual.  Especially thinking of all UK southerners who were on their own on Christmas Day- I cannot even imagine what this was like and hope you're holding up.  On a positive note, lets hope this vaccine drive is efficient and that 2021 is brighter for us all! 

Just another thanks too before I get into this week's blog....in case you don't know, Mindful Giraffe is made up of myself (Laura) and my husband Paul.  It started as just a small idea (with me thinking, we can never do that!) and through your support has already grown into something which we can't quite believe.  So without meaning to sound mushy we are so thankful to each and every one of you- whether you have visited our website for a browse, read our blog or bought a journal.  We appreciate each and every one of you and love hearing your feedback and things you would like to see in the future. With that in mind, know know there are exciting developments coming for 2021 which we hope to be able to share with you soon so watch this space!!

So turning to this blog, it won't be a massively long one this week but I wanted to talk about making mistakes in your journal....as we both read so many posts on social media about this topic - especially from people who seem absolutely distraught.  So it got us chatting and thinking...

First off, I'm not going to lie...as I admit that sometimes when I make a mistake in my journal I am mortified and it drives me crackers.  Especially when it is something fundamental like the name of the month...something I did very recently!!!!  You'd think after two and half years that I would become better at not making mistakes but I can assure you it still happens (I blame two kids under four, two cats and a puppy...you know, as we weren't busy enough!!)  Video of how I covered it up below for proof! :

Thing is, if someone journals daily then this is bound to happen.  Life is BUSY and it would be impossible not to make a mistake every now and then.  So I reckon it's pretty inevitable.  So really, I think the question is how you choose to deal with it.  

Personally I think there are two options- cover it up or maybe just EMBRACE IT!!  After all, if a bullet journal is unique to you, then doesn't it make it even more unique if there are a few more unique elements??!  In the past I have even posted asking people to spot the mistake on my spreads and have seen many others do the same.  So maybe this is the way forward???

But if you really can't being yourself to embrace such mistakes (and I'll be honest, I find it difficult at times being a perfectionist!) then I also have some tips to help cover them up if that's what you prefer. 

Ultimately, if it's just small, a tip ex mouse has been my absolute saviour for a while!  With our paper being white it also works really well with our journals....obviously if it's cream paper then this may not work for you.  My other option in the past has been using the back page of my current journal as a way to cut out small pieces of paper to stick over the errors.  Obviously I appreciate not all of you will want to cut up your journals and sometimes I used offcuts from dutch doors or page cut outs instead- so it's always worth saving them!!!

You could also use a dutch door to get rid of a mistake as I did below...but obviously this only works if the mistake was in a relevant place to put a door in!!  For anyone new to journaling or who hasn't come across this before, a dutch door is a term for a cut out of a page effectively acting as a door so as to create a flap or door as such for a spread.  You can then get additional information in a weekly spread for example rather than just using two pages etc as you can write on the back of it.

Dutch door fix whether the door was incorporated into the spread as if it has never happened...


One final fix idea is dependent upon the actual mistake. And that is to adapt your style for that particular spread to cover it up.For example, yesterday I was using stamps for the days of the week and I put the wrong first letter.  But instead of tip-exing it, I adapted by taking a moment to think, before filling the stamp to make a black circle and then used a white pen to write on the date instead.  Obviously this is all about adapting though and sometimes it is just not possible!

And this is where I wonder if ultimately, is it best just to embrace the mistakes as I said before?? After all, if your journal is truly just for you then does it really matter?? I mean, who is actually judging?  One of the joys of bullet journaling for me is that your journal will always be different to anyone else's and I think there is ultimately something very special about that.  I realise that sounds a bit naff..but really...is it significant in the grand scheme of things?!  Problem is I'm a bit of a perfectionist and for me, therein lies the problem.  So I admit it depends on my mood!! So in fact for 2021 I am going to make this one of my goals.  Next time I make a mistake that I can't easily get rid of I'm going to (rather than freak out, cry and walk round the house cursing!)  try and step back, breathe and think, who really cares????  And, doesn't it really just add to the overall uniqueness of my journal anyway??

I genuinely really am going to try my best to not rush to cover every mistake with my trusty tip- ex mouse so will see...but I appreciate that not everyone will want to do this and so if you are one of these people, then I hope the ideas above help you at some point!

So I may end it there now as we are currently watching the Crimes of Grindlewald whilst being attacked by our puppy.....if you follow me on my personal bujo account (@bujo.for laura) you may have seen us mention him!)...he is adorable but I would like to try and save my laptop cable after already losing a phone charger tonight!!

Take care all and let me know- are you are fixer or an embracer??!

Laura x







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