IT'S YOUR JOURNAL.... The importance of not being intimidated!

Evening all, 

I was thinking about what to write about this weekend and it was my husband, Paul (the co-creator of Mindful Giraffe!) who came up with this one.

It makes complete sense though, as for a long time Paul had always said that he didn't understand what bullet journaling was or what he needed to do if he wanted to have a go.  I'll hold my hands up and say I used to find this really frustrating and I was almost quite to me, as soon as I read about it, it was like a light clicked on and I understood it.

But now I have been doing it for a few years I can understand why a lot better.  And I think it stems from being intimidated and thrown by the journals of other people - as over the years I can safely say that I have easily (and still do at times!) become overwhelmed by other people's work. I almost find myself getting angry as it's easy to feel that no matter how hard I try I will never be able to achieve the same gorgeous spreads.  As we all know, there are some absolutely beautiful accounts out there - whether it be on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter etc and I absolutely applaud them.  And it is so easy to go looking for inspiration and get lost in a sea of beautifully decorated watercolour weeklies (or maybe that's just me!!)

But at the same time and as I say above, I understand as much as anyone else how you can see all these other accounts and think, wow, mine is really rubbish!  What am I even bothering for... as no matter how much I try mine will never look like that!!!  

I think this applies particularly though if you are not the doodling or sketching type- it might either just not be your thing or you may just prefer a very minimalistic clean and fresh style.  Which is totally up to you!

Thing is, like I have said before (and without wanting to risk sounding like a broken record!) your journal is FOR YOU!! Not for Joe Bloggs down the street or John Smith on Instagram.  It doesn't matter whether you choose to post your work all over social media or keep it for entirely yourself.  Using a journal is supposed to be a personal journey - one to relax and find some order in what can be a very crazy and difficult world (especially at the moment).

Nobody should feel under any pressure to put anything in their journal they don't wish to or don't think they will use.  Sure, you may draw the best spread in the world and then find you are not using it that month after all.  Well that just means you are learning what works for you and what doesn't.  That is totally different to putting something in simply because you feel you have to or because it is the 'thing to do'.

I see so many posts on bullet journal forums from people new to this world  asking where they should start and often saying they feel overwhelmed.  I always reply just saying have a look around at the type of spreads/journals you like and then pick up a pen and just go for it!  

I love seeing all types of styles and it's one of the things I find really special about this community - each journal is entirely unique to the owner.  How boring would it be if we all just made identical journals filled with the same things?!  Don't get me wrong, I love seeing the various 'plan with me' videos which you can find all over Youtube and Pinterest, but if that is not your thing and you just want to do black lines and bulleted lists, then you do just that and it will be perfect.

Whatever you choose to do- just be yourself!  And ENJOY IT.  Life's too short for feeling like you aren't enough.  You absolutely are, and your journal is too!!!

Here are some examples of different styles...a spread from my own journal and one from Paul's- both totally different but absolutely right for each of us:

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend anyway and any questions just drop me a message!

Laura x


  • Thank you I loved reading this and it has been so helpful ❤

    Beverley Green
  • I think you’re right, I’ve got myself in a bit of a tizz about what it looks like and also possibly thinking “why am I not better at it?” but actually it’s just about ordering things and getting them out of your head 👍

    Alex Barker

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